The Madness of March

Anyone else feel like they're trapped in a permanent snow globe? 


We're well beyond embracing the season. We've upgraded to a stage 5 clinger. The one thing that keeps this community ticking, is that we're in this together. We're helping our neighbors, going the extra mile and smile to offer a great experience, and planning summer events. Luckily, the Brookings community is well versed in how to handle snow that seems to never end. And in that spirit of looking out for one another, here's a few local remedies to distract you until Spring. 

  • Yoga | Anyone can do yoga. Stop making up excuses and take Nike's cue, just do it. 

  • Game Break | Get your friends together and try Trivia Tuesday and Beer & Bingo. Then, laugh until your face hurts.

FYI :: Here's why Forbes says laughter is the best medicine

  • A Good Book and Coffee | The atmosphere at several of our coffeeshops is HERE ♦ FOR ♦ YOU.

  • Plan a Vacation | No matter if it's in Brookings or abroad, we just want you to start planning. Research shows, planning a vacation and taking a vacation works wonders on your overall health. Contact the local CVB for insider tips.

  • Pamper Yourself | Ain't no shame in your self-care game. Filter this list to "Salon & Spa" and make an appointment.

  • Get Tickets to a Show | With the Performing Arts Center finishing their monumental renovations, it's time to start bookings concerts, shows, theatre, and more!

  • Scream for your Team | March is notorious for tournaments. Let out some much-needed "I've had enough of winter" aggression by cheering loud and proud.

  • Take a Swing | Work on your golf game or throw some balls at Zombies at Tee'd Off Golf Simulators. You'll be surprised by how much fun you'll have, and there's a bar, just saying. 

We get it. Winter is taking forever to move on. But, our amazing community is doing their best to continue to offer things to do, new menu items to try and events to RSVP to. Follow us on Facebook for more details on events coming up.