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The South Dakota Art Museum hosts, Winter Lunch & Learn #1 - "Billie Grace Lynn: White Elephants," featuring a live video conference discussion with exhibit artist, Billie Grace Lynn. Bring a friend, your own lunch and we'll supply plates, cutlery and beverages. This event is free and open to the public, and will start with a quick visit to the "White Elephants" exhibit and then move downstairs for lunch. We'll connect with Billie Grace Lynn from 12:15-12:50 (you can eat while we talk).

This inflatable sculptural installation by Billie Grace Lynn features a grouping of white elephants, which carry vast meanings on their back. White Elephants have been long considered sacred in Asia. Their possession conferred great prestige but is also a huge and expensive burden. Referencing the “elephant in the room” the artist points out the aptness of the white elephant as a metaphor for our contemporary condition, “too expensive to sustain, too precious to surrender, and in a state of rapid change.”

This installation includes a grouping of three life-sized inflatable white elephants.

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